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Pesky & in Http request resource path

Question asked by lee.greatorex805562 on Mar 1, 2017
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Hi Boomi folk,

I Need to perform a REST Http Request to coupa as the built in Coupa connector GET's do not offer the filter functionality I require.

I've got this working fine when adding a simple single param query ?[Invoice-number]=123 via the resource path  but as soon as I start adding in another parameter and a & in there to tag on the next param it gets auto escaped when the HTTP Client operation is building out the full call  to & and messes up the request (see below)

So Boomi puts this together complete with lovely & and it fails  with a http 400 bad request

 https://<domain>[approval-date][gt]=2017-FEB-28&account-type[name]=WKH COA&amp;limit=1


whereas if I copy that out and manually replace &amp; with & and send it through using google app ARC as below we have a winner

https://<domain>[status]=Approved&approvals[approval-date][gt_or_eq]=2017-FEB-28&account-type[name]=WKH COA&limit=1


So How do I get the Resource path to leave my &'s  alone or work around this in some other way 
I'm not ruling out a dumb oversight on my part either


Thanks in Advance Boomi folk

Lee Greatorex (Boomi noob)