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Boomi webservice server connection Alive Time

Question asked by on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by srajakri496000


Is there any way I can increase Boomi web service server connection keep alive time?

I have a simple web service server process below deployed in cloud atom:

When I load the wsdl in Soap UI project in the soap UI log i see connection opened. But after 30 sec the log shows 'Closing the connection...Connection closed...connection shut down'

So when I try to post request xml to my process the log says 'target server failed to respond'.


I think by 30 secs the ws server connection is getting closed and so I am getting this message (Correct me if I am wrong). So how can this be overcome so that the calling application get sufficient time to post their soap request to my process and get a response?