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Formatting dates and timezones

Question asked by Sjaak Overgaauw on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by Srinivas Chandrakanth Vangari


I bumped into this issue today. I think understand what's going on. Question: does Boomi use the following date/time format without a timezone? E.g. yyyyMMdd HHmmss.SSS?


I have a workaround: change the field to character so the process does not use the internal Boomi format. Question: Is there a better solution?


The example below shows that a date can shift 1 day.


XML profile date field





Since I use the "Date/Time format", date fields will be automatically converted to the Boomi internal format yyyyMMdd HHmmss.SSS...right? 


Desired destination format

I have created a function which generates a dynamic document property in the yyyy-MM-dd format. The function is called by a business rule shape. 



Behaviour when you run a process in test mode on the Test Atom cloud


  • Original date/time = 2016-01-02T00:00:00.000+00:00 => UTC +0
  • Boomi internal format = 20160101 190000.000
  • Dynamic document property = 2016-01-01


Uh.... we lost 1 day . Reason: the test Atom cloud runs on UTC -5...right?