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"No data produced from map" error.

Question asked by michael.glenwright248834 on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by michael.glenwright248834

Hello - I am having an issue with my process that I need some help resolving.  


The process flow is to take orders from Shopify and insert them into our Netsuite instance.  I split the orders into single payloads using Data Process shape, then branch off to first do a Netsuite customer upsert operation, followed by a Netsuite invoice insert operation.  


The split operation works fine, I can see multiple documents created from this step.  However I get a "No data produced from map" error on the map operation just before my Netsuite customer upsert.  I have confirmed that the Data Process shape and this Mapping function are using the same source profile so this is puzzling.  What's bizarre is if I remove the customer operations and go straight to my invoice mapping and insert it works fine and I do not get an error.  The Data Process and both Map operations all reference the same source profile that I have set up.


I cannot see how to troubleshoot this further - can anyone help me?  Thanks!