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Setting up Shared Web Server for DNS alias

Question asked by mark.jacobs406326 on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by hareeshtangudu

I have an Atom; lets say it's called SERVER1. We are wishing to use Web Services Server listener, the server will be behind a firewall and eventually we will move to a Molecule and be behind a load balancer.


For the external alias we plan to use something like to an external IP address.


We are able to access https://SERVER1:9090/ws/soap?wsdl


Lets say the server has an IP, we then setup on our internal DNS servers to resolve to this same IP address; we then browse to and get a connection time out.


We have not even progressed to as far as external IP and firewall NAT.


We have tried both with the base url as the default of SERVER1 and specified as


We also tried localhost when logged into the Atom server itself and this resulted in a connection timeout. Interestingly if we go be IP address (ignoring the certificate error) we get the wsdl definition.


It feels like the Shared Web Server is filtering on the hostname for the request, but I cannot find any documentation about this.