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Connecting to MySQL DB hosted at Google Cloud platform using SSL certifcates

Question asked by 125036562 on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by aarthi_sridhar

I need to securely connect to a MySQL DB instance hosted at Google Cloud through Boomi process. Cloud SQL uses a self-signed server certificate and a certificate (public/private key pair) on the client. So basically we have three files:

  1. Server certificate (server-ca.pem)
  2.  Client public key certificate (client-cert.pem)
  3. Client private key (client-key.pem)


To connect to this instance over SSL, I tried following steps:

  1. Added MySql driver jar to installed libraries
  2. Added self-signed server certificate to atom's truststore
  3. Added Client certificate and key to atom's keystore in atomvm.options by setting relevant system properties (,
  4. In DB connector specified the DB properties along with useSSL=true.


With this when I tested the connection through DB connector, it was successful.

But this requires adding the certificates manually to the Java keystore, typically via the command line. How can we configure these certificates (especially the private key) through Boomi GUI itself for a DB connection?