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AS2 URL INB/OTB EDI Set up for Trading Partner

Question asked by venkatesh.rupanagudi080702 on Mar 19, 2017
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I have a request to set up AS2 EDI/Flat File with a Trading Partner. I have following questions for setting up with Dell Boomi Atom Cloud


1. AS2 URLs  for Test and Production  for Both Inbound Data and Outbound Data.

2. Do we need separate certificates for Test and Production connections ? Also does AS2 IDs  need to be separate  for Test and production ?.

3. How does the encryption and decryption work for both Inbound and Outbound certificates.

4. what is signing certificate created  and  how is it different from encryption certificate.

5. TP is asking for Inbound and Outbound IP addresses of our company for setting up AS2 set ?.  How do I get them ?.

6. Do we need to have separate set ups for AS2 component shapes for EDI and NON-EDI ?.

7. How do we create AS2 SSL certificates  for Dello Atom Boomi Test and production ?

8. Do we need to set up separate port for Incoming connection in shared web server for Trading Partner ?.

9. What is the IP address we need to provide for Trading Partner to open the ports on their side so that we can sent outbound documents to TP ?


Appreciate your details.