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Random SFTP Connection Failures

Question asked by ChrisDeal5711 on Mar 23, 2017

98% of the time, our SFTP processes run just fine.  Maybe once or twice a day, we get the following error:


Final Status: ERROR
Error Message:
Failed to connect to host: ftp.********.com on port 22. Exception message is: verify: false; Caused by: verify: false
Error Type: PROCESS
Errored Step Label:
Errored Step Type: Connector


Mostly, it's just annoying as it does fail gracefully when no documents are picked up.  However, it it happens to fail on a process that runs once a day or fails to drop a file off, that is a problem.  We've tried try/catch shapes as well and that didn't help.  We were using a "manually" set up FTP on an AWS server and I thought maybe we were doing something wrong, so I switched to  While it's much easier to manage, we still get the errors.


All that to ask: Do other people have the same problem with random SFTP connection failures?  If so, were you able to resolve it and how?  Lastly, if you use a cloud FTP service, what do you use and do you like it?