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Enhancing the Marketo Rest Object Suite

Question asked by benjamin.haupt413385 on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2017 by ChadWatson7251

The Marketo Rest Connector currently supports a limited subset of objects in Marketo:

  • Lead
  • Lead Activity

  • Lead Change

  • Lead List

  • List

I have a business need to additionally catalogue additional items in the Lead Object: Companies, and Campaigns, as well as pull in identifying characteristics about certain items in the Asset Object: Channels, Files, Programs, Segments, Emails, and Landing Pages.  Effectively, I need to leverage the HTTP Client Connector, build a Custom Marketo Rest Connection, and use this custom connection to write the API calls necessary to query  these objects.


The great news is: I know the API calls I need, the challenge is all in setting up the 'initial' Rest Connector.


The bad news is that even though that works by hand, the <encrypted> client secret doesn't seem to be injected into the API call, so the only way to get it to go is by specifying client_secret as an authorization parameter with an unencrypted string.  Next, the Authorization parameter does not get passed back to this form, and instead it seems to spawn a new tab with the 'access_token' in standard JSON, and not captured within this form.  (The OAuth 1.0 appears to have a token capture field; however there doesn't appear to be one for OAuth 2.0).


Has anyone had any specific luck in tricking Marketo to accept the HTTP connector, and if so, how am I approaching this wrong?


Screenshot below:

marketo rest api oauth 2.0 json client secret


blacked out HTTP Client connector