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Oracle connectivity options

Question asked by allan.ford577519 on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by allan.ford577519

We have noted:

- The Oracle database connection config parameters require the instance SID rather than service name .. This doesn't go bode so well for load balance ... i.e. our Tech DBA want/request us to use LDAP .. or at least service names rather than instance .. i.e. exadata cluster etc .. Oracle RAC .. 

- The "Custom" connection can be used ... and I can provide an LDAP connection string for Oracle which works for most Boomi work ..  .. which keeps our Tech DBA happy  ... but .. this connection type has an issue with Cursors and Oracle Stored proc .. i.e. the Boomi error is "Database Type does not support cursors"...


I have tried to "trick" the Oracle database connection config parameters into producing an LDAP type connection string .. but haven't succeeded.

e.g. this

JDBC example


I have raised idea as per 


I have raised support ticket ..


Has anyone else had a similar issue? or found any workaround ?