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Pass a json message from external to internal atom to call a database

Question asked by c-lance_prais109326 on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by solomon_waters

Here is the situation we are going to need to expose an external atom and process a call to  an internal process to query a database and then return the results to the external atom for the Web service to receive.


  1. 1. Eposed service called on External Atom.
  2. 2 he external process will need to send data to the internal Atom to process the request.
  3. 3 he internal atom process will connect to the Database and query.


 In the past I have set up so the external Process will use the “Process Call” to execute the child process however when I do this I see the following error

“Error retrieving db data: Unknown server host name 'hornededwsor01'.; Caused by: Unknown server host name 'hornededwsor01'.; Caused by: hornededwsor01”

hornededwsor01 is the database that resides on the internal atom.

What do I need to so to fix the problem so I can call and data base connection and operation on an internal atom from an external?

Does this make sense?