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Loop and map information from CompoundEmployee, multiple job_information nodes

Question asked by juan.andres.bellucci919932 on Mar 30, 2017
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Hello to all,


   Im trying to generate a mapping from the compoundEmployee extracted from Employee Central with more than one job_information node. The XML extracted has multiple events and the map shape is taking under consideration only the last job_information node. I would like to create one row on the mapping for each job_information node. I tryed spliting the XML file using the data process shape but it only take the node with the most recent information and do not create any other XML file.


I believe the solution will be using groovy. I found this article How to Split and Repeat Values within an XML Element using Groovy but it talks only about spliting info inside a node and I would like to split the document based on the node and generate more than one document.


Does anybody had work an issue like this?


Thanks in advance for your help!