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How may I create an SFTP File Filter with two conditions?

Question asked by mickey on Apr 3, 2017
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Adam Arrowsmith

I have two flat file processes:  one for US products and one for non-US products.  The naming convention of all these product files are very similar; i. e., "*_CA_PRODUCTS*.TXT" versus "*_US_PRODUCTS*.TXT."


In order to be certain that only non-US files are fed to the non-US process, I was thinking I would need two File Filter conditions on my SFTP connector.  I was thinking the two conditions, independently, would be like below.

1.  like *_PRODUCTS*.TXT

2.  not like *US_PRODUCTS*


Is it possible to have two conditions within the File Filter property of an SFTP "Get" operation?  If so, what would the syntax look like to implement the above two conditions?