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Email being sent for every file in Zip file

Question asked by faisal.ali397074 on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by shivpandey752937



I am building Boomi process that will go into an SFTP directory, collect and zip files, and write the zip file back to the same directory and then send an email






1.In the first step on the left, in the Get operation - I use a file filter *.csv - there are 5 .csv files at the moment


2.After I zip these *.csv files into one zip (which works fine, one zip is created), I send an email


-What is happening is five emails are being sent, appears one for each .csv file in the zip file, despite there only being 1 zip file!!!

-I confirmed this by change the file filter from *.csv to one fixed file test.csv - then only one email is sent


I would only like to send one email - note that the email is in a subprocess