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Salesforce Upsert not modifying some fields

Question asked by abupp137129 on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by abupp137129

Greetings Boomi Community,


I am pretty new to Boomi, so I have probably overlooked something, but a process that I've created does not seem to successfully upserting the values for some fields in the target object.


I have verified that the correct values for the fields in question are being passed to the Salesforce connector shape from the preceding map shape.  After running a test, I can see the follow source data for the connector shape:



<Oracle_Accounting_Rule__c>Deferred - Daily Recognition</Oracle_Accounting_Rule__c>
<Oracle_Item_Type_Template__c>XXRKT Maintenance Term Premium</Oracle_Item_Type_Template__c>




I am getting back a success message from Salesforce:




However, when I inspect the object in Salesforce, the values listed above are not there.  I have confirmed that some values, including other custom fields _are_ being updated in SF following the upsert.


I have checked the field-level security in SF for the problematic fields, and they appear to match the settings for the fields that are updated.


Any ideas about what might be the problem would be greatly appreciated.