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Business Rule inputs possible to lazy load?

Question asked by vshah01248 on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Srinivas Chandrakanth Vangari



We are using a Business rule, which has 1 rule with 3 ORed conditions,

a. If field is empty, it is valid

b. If field found in document cache lookup

c. If field found in database i.e. sql lookup


For these conditions to implment, I need 3 inputs to Business rule i.e. field itself, key returned from cache lookup, key returned from sql lookup.


Now, when I execute this process, before evaluating 3 conditions, Business rule calculates all inputs i.e. it does a cache lookup and it does a sql lookup. And after evaluating inputs, it starts checking conditions.


And these check are executed as i.e.

I. 1st condition met => Accepted

II. 1st conditon fails => check 2nd condition => 2nd condtion met => Acccepted

III. 1st conditon fails => check 2nd condition => 2nd condtion failed => check 3rd  => 3rd condtion matched => Acccepted

IV. 1st conditon fails => 2nd condtion failed => 3rd condtion failed => Rejected


Now here, I want to prevent sql lookup (and probably cache lookup too) in scenario I and II where SQL lookup is actually unnecessary i.e. delay input calculation until necessary (Lazy loading).


Is there a way to achieve it?