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How to retrieve max value from a column in Cross Reference Table?

Question asked by bernadeta.konczak432071 on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by prashant.tiwari718253

I save an .xml file on  ftp server a number of times(in different directory for each contractor).

Following advice in this article I created a do-while loop to repeat the process of saving the file.(In principal the process uses Decision shape  with ‘First value’ < 10 to decide whether to go via true root and perform file saving process. (False root breaks the loop).

 At the moment I use a static value in Decision Shape to decide how many times the process runs. When we get a new contractor I would have to edit this shape to increase the number of repetitions. I would like the process to be more flexible.

I would like to use an existing cross reference table; I added a column which holds a sequential integer value for each contractor (the highest number in that column is the number of contractors). Is there a way of retrieving the maximum value from this column and then passing it as an argument to Decision shape to end the loop?