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Writing multiple files to S3

Question asked by white_adam975142 on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by white_adam975142

I am trying to write 12 times to S3 in the same process.  I am running into an issue with response time.  This is taking round 9 seconds.  Is there any way to speed this up.  


This is a real time process.  I am sending data to an Atom Queue to be written to S3 outside of the real time process.  I created a sub process to "group" the data with a return shape before sending in the connector (This was recommended by Dellfor a different process with success before changing to write to disk).  


The Atom this is running on is on-premise. 


File sizes are between .04 and .26 kb.

Shape executed successfully in 9062 ms.


Example of what the processes looks like


Main Process

Main process

[sub] Map to S3 and set S3 location

Sub process