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Why boomi doesn't have XA transaction boundary??

Question asked by iamshinde on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by shivpandey752937

We have a requirement which is DB to DB both are different Databases


Source DB has "BASE Table" & "Buffer Table" if insertion happened in base table trigger will add object ID in Buffer table,

based on object id we are taking data from BASE table then we are inserting all the values into Target table by mapping both.


now the situation is 

we are doing the following scene here 


Source DB SELECT  ==> INSERT in TARGET TABLE ==>UPDATE in base table with values as  processed(Some flag column is thr) ==> DELETE the values from Buffer table.


So failure scenario here is 

1) How you will rollback Target Table (Because data is already inserted) if update fails for BASE table.

2) if delete fails because of some problem how you will roll back everything.




My Requirement is either is should commit all or rollback everything


Is is possible to achieve such things in boomi??


If yes could you please suggest an idea how to achieve that.


Many Thanks,