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If-Else map munction for blank/missing data not working

Question asked by arobinson on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on May 7, 2017 by Adam Arrowsmith

I'm experiencing an issue with a map function not firing when there is no input from a mapped field or if the field isn't present in the map data.


Based on the knowledge center doc How to Create a Generic If-Else Value Comparison Map Function by Adam Arrowsmith, it states the following:


"All function inputs are optional. If nothing is mapped to an input or the value passed in is blank, null, or not present in the source data, it will be treated as an empty string ("")."


However there's a slightly older doc, Map functions are not executed. , that states:


"Map functions are not executed if one or more inputs are blank strings, empty strings or null values. The inputs will be ignored and the function or functions skipped and not executed."


The issues is with the "No TRNU use PRO" function.





The document property that is retrieved is a header-level value that should be sent in the event that the "TRNU" value is blank or missing. I had considered using a document property for "TRNU", however that value can change throughout the file if it exists, and each occurrence needs to be mapped.


Since the map function wasn't executing and based on the doc regarding that, I set a default value ('N/A') for the map function input and accounted for that in scripting, expecting that it would execute with that data, however the function still refuses to execute until the map to the "TRNU" input is removed.


I can probably setup another route and maps based on the existence of the values, but I would like to get this to work if anyone has any thoughts