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Running complex SOQL in Salesforce

Question asked by mani.sethuraman333464 on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by Srinivas Chandrakanth Vangari



 My need to is to run a complex SOQL query in Salesforce and get the results and process it. I referred the following posts

How to Connect to Salesforce REST API with OAuth 2.0 

How to authenticate Salesforce using REST API? 


Used SoapUI and was able to make a REST GET call and got the results. The cURL also was successful. The command I used was 


c:\cURL\src\curl -H "Authorization: Bearer 00D0S000000CMoneyQoAQB3xVBFfsr4M7_K0QTA0W_AisyqFOJLeTm8GfG65zW8U0c_MONEYe9K7B1tfGWtGLO1p0bKQDn2YnX0d890LSEVAR79G"


The URL that I used for both SoapUI and cURL are the same. I had to add Authorization to the Request Header in SoapUI versus pass as a parameter in cURL.


I have a process where I am able to pass the relevant details and get the SessionID. Assigning it to the Dynamic Process Property and passing as a Parameter to the HTTP Client Operation. I also validated that the right URL is called. Boomi reports that


 Sending message to server URL,name+from+account+limit+2


I am getting the error "Error message received from Http Server, Code 405: Method Not Allowed"


SoapUI is handling a long SOQL easily. Not sure what I am missing in Boomi. 


Any help/suggestion appreciated.


Thanks for reading!