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How do I correctly create an XML profile for an OData Api connection?

Question asked by stinkybuffalo on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by stinkybuffalo

I'm having issues trying to get my OData APIs to work correctly.


Some background: In the project I'm currently working on (and nothing to do with SalesForce), I'm replacing existing OData services with Boomi integrations. The idea is that this effort will be seamless as far as the client applications go, except for the change in the endpoints. At the heart of these integrations, a SOAP-based service is called. Typically there is some mapping that happens before the documents are returned to the caller.


If I use the SOAP response profile as the OData profile, I have two issues: First, the calling application does not consider the namespace to be valid, and secondly, because the elements are a complex type, I can't specify keys because only the root-level elements are exposed to the key selection drop-down.


What I have tried: Removing the namespace definition, creating a profile from scratch, importing the profile from the EDMX file from the original OData service among other things. Most of these led to the schema not being picked up by the caller, resulting in a response of "Could not find container with name: 'null'."


Is there a procedure for getting this implemented correctly, something that I may have overlooked? Thanks for all suggestions.