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EDI Cleanse dropping an entire segment

Question asked by rfranklin15 on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by rfranklin15

I'm having a weird issue running an EDI document through a Cleanse shape that I need some assistance with. It looks like this:

I have the Cleanse shape after the map because I need to validate the data on the outbound EDI profile (an x12 810). We have a SQL query inside the map that pulls and places product information in the outbound document. If the product information is not inside the SQL table, the field is blank and I need the Cleanse shape to catch that and notify me. And it's doing that, but it's also doing something else: It's dropping an entire segment of Header information.


When I run a document through in Test and look at the Shape Source Data for the Cleanse shape

It has the N1*RI segment which holds my company's Remit To information.

But the Shape Source Data for the Branch shape is missing that segment.


And I can see no reason why it would be dropping it.

In the profile, all of the elements we use and that you see as populated in the first document are set as Mandatory and have minimum and maximum characters and they're all set to Reject Document if those conditions are not met.


But the document is not being rejected because those elements are there when the document gets to the Cleanse. They're just not there afterwards. And the result is that I transmitted a bunch of invoices to our customer that failed because they didn't have the Remittance segment.


Can anyone help me figure out why the segment is being dropped in the Cleanse shape?


Thanks in advance.