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How to use Current Data in Process Route Component?

Question asked by girija.sahu781583 on May 1, 2017
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In our process, we get each payload in different objects, e.g. below: customers in one payload and user_queue is another payload.


I'm trying to use Process Route to route to a subprocess based on the payload. I also need to send the Current Data to the subprocess for further processing.


How can I design the Process Route Shape and define Route Key in the Process Route Component for this scenario?



{"customers": {"UserName": "FunUser5404", "DateOfBirth": "", "EmailAddress": "", "FirstName": "", "Gender": "", "LastName": "",  "Region":"","UserId": 5404, "DateModified": "2016-08-05 00:37:13", "DateCreated": "2016-08-05 00:37:12"}}


{"user_queue": {"Action": "Added", "ShowID": "AOT", "UserId": "2", "DateCreated": "2016-07-05 19:50:48.412560"}}



Any help is highly appreciated.