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Disaster recovery scenario not working

Question asked by Sjaak Overgaauw on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by Sjaak Overgaauw


I have seen some unexpected behaviour from Boomi when testing a disaster recovery procedure. It could be that I'm wrong but I don't understand why this doesn't work.


Test case


I have an existing production environment. Both connection settings and dynamic process properties are set using extensions. 


  1. Atom A = production cloud
  2. Atom B = local Atom
  3. Atom A is attached to production environment
  4. Run integration process on Atom A => OK
  5. Detach Atom A from production
  6. Attach Atom B to production
  7. Run integration process on Atom B => failed on an authorization issue calling a SOAP web service (401) . The connection settings are set thru the extensions.


This issue is reproducible on the existing production environment only. I have done similar tests on a test environment but I could not reproduce it there. Any idea what's happening here?