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How to create complex multi-record data-positioned flat file?

Question asked by on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by Adam Arrowsmith


I am trying to move and existing process to Boomi but am having trouble figuring out how to recreate a output file from the existing process. It is a flat file with multiple nesting header lines containing varies transaction details, followed by transaction details, which each may be one or two lines depending on the data.



We have an offline sales application which allows our sales reps to collect orders and then transfer them periodically to our order processing system. When we get the orders, the order processing goes and does some work (allocate inventory, etc.) then builds an order confirmation file to be sent the sales app. This external system has particular file layout for these confirmations which look something like this:

ABC System

01/01/17  12:34:56  Order Ack

Sales Person: 1234  Jane Doe           Ack.#: 99997

Customer: 9876  Acme Inc.
                                   Qty     Qty      Sub
    Item    Description            Order   Accpt    Item
   11112    Widget 12-Pack            10       0    11115
            Sub Reason:            Out of Stock
   11115    Widget 24-Pack             0       5

Customer: 5566  Generics LLC.
                                   Qty     Qty      Sub
    Item    Description            Order   Accpt    Item
   11115    Widget 24-Pack             5       5

End Of File

So typically, you've got one Sales Person but multiple Customers per file. And each order line may have an additional line if there is a substitution.



Is there a way in Boomi to create something like this using a Flat File Profile? Preferably without too much custom scripting.