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How do I add a qualifier to a segment that only has one value, but is part of a loop in an x12 EDI profile

Question asked by AdamBlakely4561 on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by AdamBlakely4561

I am trying to use a qualifier to populate the LX01 element in a 2750 loop, but LX01 element is the only element in the LX segment.  Below is how I have my 2750 loop setup.



I need the element to be incremented for each iteration with at least two leading zeroes.  When i go the route in my screenshot, the LX segment is getting skipped completely and only my N1, REF, and DTP segments are populating.  I've also removed the LX01 element as being a qualifier and defaulted the value in, but the value gets defaulted for all 15 loops even if the other segments aren't having anything mapped to them.  I know I can add a function between the left side profile and my EDI profile to suppress the LX01 value if another element is being mapped, but i don't want to add the time to run through 15 functions per each member.  Is there any way to accomplish adding in the LX segment using settings in the EDI profile more efficiently?