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How can I handle an empty JSON array in an HTTP response?

Question asked by cegbert328645 on May 5, 2017
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I have a process that is expecting a JSON response in the form of an array of JSON objects. When data is returned, the process completes successfully. But, when no data is returned, I get a response with an empty array like so:




This fails when it reaches the map because the map is expecting the array to have data in it. This is even though I set "Min Occurs" to "0". I even tried "Min Occurs" to "1" just to see if I get something different, but I got the same result. I expected Boomi to treat it as an empty document and complete the process. I do not have a try/catch shape to work with in this scenario. How do I handle the empty response? Thank you for your help. All the details are below:



Here is the basic process in the canvas:

Process Canvas



Here is the HTTP POST Operation:

HTTP Operation



Here is the JSON profile generated from the import wizard from real data along with the root details:

JSON Response Profile



Array details in JSON response profile:

Array Details



ArrayElement details in JSON response profile:

ArrayElement Details



Here is what the JSON looks like when there are records returned:

Response Data when Data is returned.



Here is the error message when an empty array is returned:

Error when no data is returned.



It fails on the map shape:

Process fails on map.



Here is what the JSON response looks like when there are no records returned:

Response JSON when no data is returned.


Again, thank you for the guidance.


json profile