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Unwanted Profile instances

Question asked by mark.springthorpe131988 on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 7, 2017 by prashant.tiwari718253

I have an XML profile that uses Identifier instances. The profile is to be used in many processes as an output profile (it's an Order profile).


Some processes want to populate some of these Identifier instances (i.e. map to them), and so do not (i.e. do not map to them).


However, the identifier instances keep appearing in the processes that don't want them (I assume because Boomi is auto-populating the field with the qualifier value).



<Totals   type='VAT'>

<Totals   type='DeliveryCharge'>

<Totals   type='LineValues'>


I need to have 3 instances to map the inputs properly, but some order types have some, none or all of these types, so how to I prevent them on output if they aren't mapped ?  They are all defined as min occurs 0.


I really don't want multiple copies of the same map but with different indentifier instances defined.