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Listener Process Taking 2-3 hours to process 5000 Idocs

Question asked by vamshi.annangi550834 on May 11, 2017
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Hello Friends ,


We have a SAP Listener process registered for one Program ID, where we are receiving multiple IDOC types from SAP and we intern route those to different process based on IDOC type.


Everything is working fine till this point, But when we have huge number of idoc's triggered from SAP for Customer updates/Product updates , We see the processing taking 2-3 hours to finish all the IDOC processing.(Mean while other IDOCs are in queue not sure where I can see this in Boomi but I can see from SAP screen Idocs are in 03 status)


I was checking my SAP connector and I see Maximum Active Connections as 5 not sure whether this is bottle neck or not  , Do we know whether it is a standard to have 5 or Is it OK to increase this value to 20 -30 to speed up the process.


I am also thinking to separate these Idocs from the main process and ask SAP team to create another program ID so that I can run them in different queue( not Sure whether that would help) , If any one had this kind of scenario,what did you guys do to solve the same.