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How to repeat search in DellBoomi for a Compound Emplyee data queried from SuccessFactor

Question asked by swetha.chippa.contractor991842 on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by arjun_rajagopal02644053

Hello Experts,

Please help us find a solution for the following requirement.


Requirement : We are querying SuccessFactor for Compound Employee data and need to find out the VP of the Employee by finding his/her leadership group with a certain values and if he/she is not a VP then we have to find his/her Manager and get the Manager's data. Then find Manager's leadership group with the given values and if he/she does not fall under VP category then find out his/her Manager and then fetch his/her data.

Repeat this process until we find the VP of an Employee and send it out.


We are trying to achieve this by querying the data from SuccessFactor and storing it in a Document Cache.

After this we are clueless on how to proceed further to search every hierarchy for VP.


Please help.


Thanks & Regards