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Connector Operations UI/ Connector Import - Custom Fields, Dropdown's and Profiles

Question asked by slevak567248 on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by jason_r_walsh667087

We are trying to structure our operations screen to handle some specific functionality. The Demo SDK application doesn't seem to show these cases however we see these functions in other connectors (see attachment)


1. This wizard popup contains an Action dropdown. The SDK demo only has one dropdown at the top. We haven’t been able to identify a method to add the second dropdown (also need the values to be dependent upon the first dropdown selection - is there an event handle for these dropdowns?) 


2. There are also additional defined fields on the connector operation screen – for example "Batch Count" as in the screen shot – same thing – looking for how to add/handle additional fields we want to use.


3. We want the operations screen to contain a response profile in the case of a GET and both request and a response profiles in the case of a Send operation (similar to the HTTP connector). The default seems to be to contain just one profile field. We have the necessary data but not sure how to get these on the UI.


We would greatly appreciate any information (or code) that would help accomplish these features. Thanks


- Steve