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Cannot connect from Boomi Cloud Atom ( to SAP On-Premise server.

Question asked by ashwin.johari095933 on May 22, 2017
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I am able to connect from a Local Atom (Inside Company Network) to the SAP On_premise system which is also on the same network using a "Web Service SOAP Client" Connector. I can send and receive data and run the entire process successfully.


I am also able to import the Request and Response Profiles of the Web Service Method using Boomi Cloud Atom, but I am not able to pass data to the connector which gives me the following error:

Embedded message: Error invoking soap operation; Caused by: HTTP transport error: access denied ("" "" "connect,resolve"); Caused by: access denied ("" "" "connect,resolve")


I have worked with the network team to whitelist the IP address of the Boomi Cloud Atom plus all the IPs mentioned in the below link: (whitelisted all IPs in the "Accepting requests from Dell Boomi" section)

Hostnames andIP addresses for connecting with Dell Boomi 


I have also tried importing the SSL certificate from SAP On-Prem system and sending SSL certificate from Boomi to SAP On-Prem.

Can you please help?

Alexey DmitrievAdam Arrowsmith

Srinivas Chandrakanth Vangari