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ManyWho & Boomi authentication in Cloud Atom?

Question asked by aj474918 on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by Adam Arrowsmith

Dear experts,


Ever since Dell Boomi acquired ManyWho, I've been trying to get some test integrations up and running. I've managed to set up some integrations that use ManyWho flows to send data to Boomi processes. I've had some hiccups along the way, but I've received outstanding support from Dell and it all seems to work as intended now.


In short, I have 1 process to send the metadata and 1 process for the 'actual integration', so to say. I've been using local Atoms and Ngrok to test functionality. Everything seems to work perfectly, so I'd like to deploy everything to our Cloud Atom (with Worker). 


I cannot seem to get its authentication to work. Using Basic authentication on the shared web server requires me to add ;boomi_auth=<encrypted user:token> at the end of the URL. This works in Postman, but not in ManyWho.


ManyWho Service requires a base URI and adds /metadata (and /endpoint based on said metadata) automatically. I don't know how to add the authentication token in the URL without messing up the endpoints. I've even tried setting shared web server settings to 'no authentication' as a workaround, but that didn't help either, which confuses me even more. I've thought about altering the metadata to allow "providesIdentity": true, but I can't even get it to access the metadata, so that wouldn't get me anywhere.


How would I add a Boomi Web Service in ManyWho with authentication? Or, if this is not yet possible, how do I add a Boomi Web Service to ManyWho located at


Any help would be appreciated, though I have a feeling it's more of a ManyWho issue than it is a Boomi one.