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Boomi EDI, B2B and DMZ

Question asked by irfan on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by dave_lesshafft

All, I am looking for information on Boomi EDI Architecture.

EDI processing generally needs Gateway software in DMZ to make sure the connections from external partners, VAN are authenticated and handled in DMZ (before the request arrives behind the firewall)

My requirement is to receive the EDI file, process it in on premise database and file systems. For this reason, Local Atom needs to be used. 

I am looking for the communication between external partners / VAN and local atom. Does Boomi EDI has any gateway component that sits in the DMZ, which validates the external partners and then routes the request to Local Atom? Or does the request from external partner reaches Local Atom (inside the firewall) directly?

Or does an Atom can be installed in DMZ to accept the external partner connections, which sends the request to Local Atom (inside the firewall)?

What are the recommendations and best practices for the communication from External Partners to Local Atom, does it recommend any component in DMZ to facilitate this connection? 

Please inform the DMZ architecture of Boomi. How are other clients implemented Boomi EDI. Have they implemented DMZ component to talk to Local Atom?