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AtomSphere API List

Question asked by hvarda on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by hvarda

I would like to have programmatic access to AtomSphere’s functionality that is normally accessed through the UI.   For example I may want to start or stop a process via the APIs, or get extended information on different processes, or I may want to perform a task within Boomi from a Java/.Net application.

Is there any documentation that expose all SOAP and REST APIs in Boomi? So for example to SOAP wsdl{accountID}?wsdl  exposes a handful of requests.  Is there anything more?

Where can one get a complete list of Boomi REST APIs?   I found this in a community forum:{accountID}/Event/query

What other requests are available for the Event category?   Is there anything else besides Event?   Where can one find a complete list of all available APIs?   I see a lot of API documentation on MDM but I cannot find much on AtomSphere APIs.