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Netsuite: Substitute item that does not exist with a generic line item

Question asked by LJCeranic8951 on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2017 by LJCeranic8951

Hi there,


Was hoping someone has had a similar situation in which they found a solution.


We have our customer orders being imported into Netsuite via Boomi.  When a customer sends in a SKU which does not exist in our catalog, we'd like to substitute the item with a generic Non-Inventory Item, so when we send the order acknowledgement back, the customer knows this SKU is not our product, and it has been rejected.


All that happens at the moment is the order fails to import because Netsuite returns the following message:


[Error Received during Netsuite Update Code: USER_ERROR Type: ERROR Message: Nonexistent externalId XXXXXX for item ] Unknown failure


We can manually edit the file, and change the item to the Netsuite generic non-inventory item, but I'd like to automate this.


Has anyone mapped something in Boomi which would substitute the problem item with a generic item external id/internal id to import in Netsuite?