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EDI AS2 error-"Received No Data for the MDN"

Question asked by vinay.devarapalli689108 on Jun 2, 2017

We have configured a Trading Partner using AS2 communication.For my company trading partner we are using  shared web server’s URL for our cloud AS2 endpoint i.e<account_id> and for retailer Trading partner we are using AS2 i.e http url.

At development stage it was working as expected and we are able to pull Purchase order  850 from Retailer's AS2 and we were able to send acknowledgement to retailer AS2 as 997.


But all of sudden we are unable to transmit data to retailer AS2 now-and we are having error as Received No Data for the MDN.

I'm unable to figure out what is going wrong.Can you please help me the to figure out the root cause for the issue  Received No Data for the MDN .

Thanks in Advance