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How do you fulfill a shopify order using http?

Question asked by silverbow25886697 on Jun 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by prodriguez

This is the shopify documentation on how to do this:


Fulfill an order using a supported tracking_company generates tracking URL

POST /admin/orders/#{id}/fulfillments.json
{   "fulfillment": {     "tracking_number": "123456789",     "tracking_company": "4PX",     "line_items": [       {         "id": 466157049       },       {         "id": 518995019       },       {         "id": 703073504       }     ]   } }
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So far I have something like what is shown below.  I keep getting 303 and 302 errors.  I have tried with and without a resource path.  I have the above json structure in the request profile and I am filling in the information via the connector parameters.  I'm pretty sure I still have this set up wrong.  Can anyone show me an example of how this should be done?