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Ignore case on decision shape comparison value?

Question asked by asgjimk on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by nchan368463

I'm new to boomi and I'm sure this is fairly simple but I'm having trouble understanding the syntax.  We have a decision shape that compares xml profile element to a static value of Truck Stock* Comparison type is currently matches wildcards.  

The problem is, people use all variations of truck stock- e.g. truck Stock, Truck stock, truck stock etc...


I saw this article that I thought would apply to our situation - How to Use Regex to Ignore Case Sensitive 

However, I'm not familiar with regex syntax so I don't understand all the . and * that are being used in that example.  Could anyone tell me what syntax I would use in my scenario?  


We want to match (ignoring case) truck stock *Anything* - so the words truck stock with anything after it.  


Thanks in advance.