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How to send post request to HTTP Client which invokes Salesforce rest service

Question asked by venkata.kumar-yalla429356 on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by unique.hullett156028

Below is business requirement

Need to invoke a Salesforce Rest Service using POST method through Boomi API as a middleware.


Below are the components created

Created a process (PrGetRecords) which act as Web Server Listener, HTTPClientConnection to get access token from salesforce using Oauth setup and HTTPClient to call a rest service from Salesforce


Below is Listener process operation configuration



Below is the HTTPClient (Rest call) for Salesforce (Invoking a Salesforce rest service here)



Created a boomi API component (FetchAccountStatusAPI) and attached with the above process listener.




  1. Body content sent from the post request is not able to read in boomi Api/Listener process components.
  2. How to send body content from the post request (Calling from Postman) to the request profile configured in the HTTP Client Connection (Salesforce)?


Please help me to find the problem in configuration/resolve this issue ASAP.


Thanks in advance !