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Setting payloadMimeHeaders.

Question asked by mani.sethuraman333464 on Jun 7, 2017



 We are having EDI exchanges with one of our trading partners over AS2. Our CM has Webmethods. We have a problem exchanging special characters. The string we are trying to send is Nüziders. It is getting garbled in Webmethods. We saw that Webmethods received the original value but in the second step they are applying the charset and  Content-Transfer-Encoding and then the garbling happens.


 I verified that we are sending in charset=UTF-8. But it is not displayed or sent in the Mime headers. The Content-Transfer-Encoding is going as base64. 


 I would like your input on experience integrating with Webmethods and how this was handled. I opened a case with Boomi and was told that exclusive handling of MimeHeaders is NOT supported now.


Please let me know if you have any input on the following.


How to set payloadMimeHeaders as below:


Content-Transfer-Encoding to binary

Charset to UTF-8


So the header will look like:


<value name="Content-Type">application/edi-x12; name=XXXXXXXXXXXXX.dat;charset=UTF-8</value>

    <value name="Content-Transfer-Encoding">binary</value>

    <value name="Content-Disposition">attachment; filename=XXXXXXXXXXXXX.dat</value>


Thanks for reading. Will appreciate any input on this.