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How to return Error Code 403

Question asked by koushik.saha297727 on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by pwhite704435

I have implemented a REST servie with Web Service Server Connetor . I don't have API feature emabled for my account.


There is not Response message we have . Only a Request JSON message we are getting from user.


How can I send a error Code 403 back to user when there is some issue inside the Boomi Interface?


I can see that every time I trigger the service it always returns a HTTP Response code 200 wih status OK.

Even there is invalid Input used or there is issue during processing. As I see this doc it says


For single output document responses:

  • The dynamic document property outstatuscode on the result document overrides the HTTP response status code returned to the client.


My question is what shape I need to use for returning Erro Code 403 ?