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Map: Incrementing destination record

Question asked by keane.peterson395338 on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by keane.peterson395338

I'm working through a test process where I'm basically just importing in a flat file (.csv) from a Disk connection, performing a Map to expected record values, and then writing out an end-product .csv to the same Disk connection location. The Map is mostly straightforward, but in some cases the source .csv omits necessary fields. With one field I can just use a default value, but with another I need to write an incrementing numeric value to a field (starting at 1, and incrementing by 1 - basically equal to the number of rows in the .csv, minus the header).


What kind of Map Function, or default value, is required if I've got no source record to work from, yet I want the destination record to be an incrementing value?


I'd appreciate any help. I'm pretty new to Boomi process creation.