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How to do upsert to Azure DB

Question asked by kolin.htat485027 on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by kolin.htat485027

I am new to the Dell Boomi platform. And I am assigned to work on the data integration between NetSuite & Azure DB.
I have an issue for data lookup to Azure DB. There are around 80K total records/Docs in (NetSuite) and we would like to insert/update them into Azure.

I used "Decision Shape" to check whether record is existing in Azure or not based on "internalid" field. But execution failed in production with error message "Process exceeded maximum execution time limit".
When I checked the "process State Details", it showed that lookup operation in "Decision Shape" was taking too much time and failed the whole operation with above error.

So, please advise me what is the best way to do lookup operation?


One option what I can think of is to import all records (ids) from Azure into the process first and do the checking locally. But don't know how and what shapes to use to achieve it.