Boomi Atomsphere Web Server Settings Considerations

Discussion created by francis.a.tardecilla167779 on Jun 15, 2017

What we have:

An Atom installed and online within a AWS Linux Environment configured with proxy settings. 

An Oracle EBS DB within a Private Network

A Salesforce instance with an outbound message with the ff. Endpoint (sample) URLs


Not Working;boomi_auth=cmVlZGV4aGliaXRp2380yriofb25zLU5PR0dSNjo1MDcwY2MzMy0yMThkLTQ5ODctYjI0ZC1iZjYwZjRjMDhlODY


***NOTES*** is pingable within the client's network.  We were told that the infra team has configured a load balancer and we should be able to access the from public through it.

AuthString for boomi_auth is a sample.


Kindly see the attached document for the diagram.


What we did:

We created a process with a Web Services Connector listening to an outbound message from Salesforce. 



Listener is running well when the process is deployed using the test atom cloud.  Next, We tried and published it using the AWS PrivateServer atom but then we are encountering a 503 Service Unavailable error.   



What are the things we need to consider for us to be able to use the Private Atom in AWS?

Do we need to do some additional configurations within the Boomi Web Server Settings?

Do we need to reconfigure the Private AWS instance connection to Boomi? Or Boomi to Private AWS Instance?

Do we need to configure something from the Load Balancer to make it point to the If so, how do we do that?