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Netsuite large query suddenly failing

Question asked by GarethHughes8951 on Jun 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by Sjaak Overgaauw


I have a nightly Process to pull lots of data from Netsuite to feed an analytics system. It's been running for months.

It started failing two nights ago and I could do with any suggestions before I head off to Netsuite support.

For context, I switched to using Token Based Auth for all Netsuite processes a few months back with no issues.

I have also tuned this a lot to pull exactly the fields we need.


The Process pulls lots of different types of data in different sub-processes, it's all working until the final and biggest search.

Boomi does a search and is happily pulling back batches of 1000 results when suddenly Netsuite throws an error.


The first night it was on page 6 when Netsuite bizarrely threw back an Invalid login attempt (this is after the Process had been running for 30 mins)


last night was even stranger, it failed on page 81, when I look at the Netsuite Web Services log, the the Request is normal, but the Response is empty and the status is Failed. Boomi throws an IllegalStateException because it's not got a reply from Netsuite.


Are there any other logs I can get hold of for a Netsuite system beyond the Web Services Usage Log? (I have admin privs but don't know it well)


thanks in advance

Gretchen Chiaramonte fyi