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Update Environment Extensions doesn't take effective when Connection Pool enabled in Database Connection

Question asked by benghai.soon on Jun 16, 2017



Good day.


We have production promotion recently for a Webservice process that is using DB Connector with Connection Pool enabled.


After the Webservice process deployed, Admin help to configure the DB password and Connection URL in Environment Extensions and user starts consuming the Webservice. However, error prompted "Error retrieving db data: Io exception: NL Exception was generated; Caused by: Io exception: NL Exception was generated".


Therefore, Admin tried to fix the Connection URL (due to missing parenthesis) in Environment Extensions and ask user to re-try, but the error still persists until Admin has restarted the Listener in Web Services Server.


Q1) This is expected behavior, am I right?


Q2) What if the similar error happen in time-driven/scheduler process that doesn't have any listeners to be restarted, how can we address this issue?


Please advise.