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NetSuite Custom Record Internal ID Different in Production

Question asked by Jun Rima on Jun 15, 2017
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I have a process that syncs a custom record from NetSuite to a custom object in Salesforce. Process is working in test but when I deployed it to production, it couldn't find any records in NetSuite.


I think the reason behind this is the internal id of the custom record in NetSuite sandbox is different from production. The internal id of the custom record in sandbox is 1126 but in production it is 1129.


I believe the typeId is set when you import the profile from NetSuite. Is there anyway to change the CustomRecordRef typeId that is sent with the NetSuite get/search request operation in production? The typeId in production should be 1129 instead of 1126.


XML Request snippet


<platformMsg:get xmlns:platformMsg="">
<platformMsg:baseRef xmlns:platformCore="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="platformCore:CustomRecordRef" typeId="1126" internalId="1">