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how can i pass  rest url value as input using raw payload body

Question asked by animesh.sinha1192243 on Jun 22, 2017

Hello ,

 have some query  related to rest query . as i know that  rest services when you send  query like bellow 

where  we are sending request document date  as request input [ header] as based on we received some json out put.


now  when send  to  dell boomi  using some scenario [json to   we are trying to send  same rest request input  [raw payload]  in that case what will be URL link can be establish.


 JSON URL  link:    and my raw payload is 


Request message(JSON) -Raw payload in rest client (Test by Advanced rest client chorome)







how can i able to pass raw payload in URL  as input  like document date above .... please help


Response message(JSON) 



  "Status" : "ACTIVE",

  "UserId" : "50988888814",

  "EmployeeId" : "776669996"